Relax package

Relax package

The Relax package includes:

  • Infrared sauna, our “long life elixir”
  • Chaise longue “Flag”
  • Rest on emotional bed (Vivaldi, Crystals o Senso)
  • Personalized massage


The CRYSTALS emotional bed allows you to lie down on a Himalayan salt mattress, a natural salt in a crystalline form that with its 84 uncontaminated minerals is able to rebalance the body. The warmth of this bed favors the salt interaction with the treated customer.

SENSO is the bed with water mattress that gently cradles the customer. Sense can be supplied both with a hydromassage system by means of specially directed jets of water and heat-sealed inside the mattress, which are able to offer a pleasant massage and accompany the person during the treatments.

VIVALDI, the bed that transmits sound into the body. With an innovative sound diffuser system it is able to create a sound emission on the whole body for an unparalleled emotional experience. The body vibration created by the music is the best ally for a perfect blood circulation, useful to promote the drainage of liquids and toxins. The musical vibration, besides a great and intense sensorial experience, helps the circulation making it more efficient.

FLAG: specially designed for rest and to follow the body in its state of relaxation, immersing it in color, is a valuable aid for psycho-physical rest. Relaxation, therefore, becomes a fundamental treatment for our guest, invited to immerse himself completely in color and warmth, in music and in aromas, in massage and in emotion.